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RomaniaMany view Romania as a backward, uncivilized country and are worried about going on a possible hunting trip there. Before my first trip to Romania, I internally struggled with a similar barrier, but from my first trip I returned with the feeling that I wanted to come back here. It is true that there is no motorway network and air links are not sufficient, but the sight of the unspoiled nature of the Carpathian Arc and the Transylvanian Alps will make you forget these shortcomings.

In Romania I organize individual hunts for deer, chamois and bears, as well as a combined 2-day common hunt for bears and wild boars. The population of roe deer is also relatively good, but Hungary offers much wider opportunities in this respect and the price difference between these countries is not so great as to make it important to travel to hunt for roe deer to Romania. In addition, in Romania, the period of roe deer starts on May 15, when roe deer can also be hunted for in Slovakia. In the Danube delta there are often good hunts for waterfowl, but as in the case of roe deer, Hungary is an adequate substitute for this destination.

RomaniaWhen promoting deer hunting in Romania, it is essential to state that the hunting takes place in a beautiful mountain environment. In terms of population, Romania is far from being able to compete with the southern regions of Hungary, but on the other hand, there is enough game for each hunting guest to catch the deer of his desired category. In selected Romanian grounds, there is no rare catch of deer with a trophy weight over 11 kg. Many guests return from Romania, saying that it is an incomparable experience to hear the echoing voice of a rutting deer from the deep valley, waiting for a deer coming out of corn. The argument for the deer hunting in the rutting period in Romania is also the fact that the peak of the rutting period is here at the turn of September and October, when the rutting in Slovakia, with the exception of the alpine districts, is declining.

RomaniaThe bear can be hunted for in both spring and autumn. During the individual hunts it is hunted by a still hunt on the bait place, during the common hunts by a drive hunt with dogs. Common hunting is planned as a 2-day event with the participation of about 8 shooters so that each guest has the opportunity to catch a bear (real and administrative - limited number of licenses). At the same time, wild boar is hunted for on common hunts, with a high percentage of strong boars appearing in the hunting bag. Apart from that, there are not many wild boars in the hunting grounds, where these common hunts are organized and a total catch of approximately 10-15 pcs. within 2 days can be expected. I recommend hunting for a bear on a common hunt for those who want to experience something exciting (I assure, however, that it is not dangerous), on the other hand, for those who like to relax more and want to “read” the game before shooting, I recommend the still hunt.

Chamois can also be hunted for in Austria, but in terms of the quality of the trophies (point value) Romania is an absolute world power. In terms of quality, no other country can compete with it; the amount of game is also good. Demands for fitness of hunters are not high, as there is relatively good logistics (roads lead up to the upper limit of the forest and it is also possible to use the services of a helicopter).

RomaniaIn Romania, it is possible to hunt for a wolf in addition to the above game species. I do not provide separate hunting for wolves, because even in Romania, the wolf is more or less caught "by chance". The best chance of catching it is during a bear hunt.

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