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Organization and mediation of hunts


Dear hunting friends,

let me on behalf of HUNTER NH, s.r.o. and JÄGER NH, s.r.o. welcome you on the website created to provide information about the services provided by these companies and to promote the results of their previous activities.

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The main business of my companies is the provision of hunting services, more precisely organizing and mediating hunting in Slovakia and abroad. Regarding abroad, I mean the neighbouring countries, namely Hungary, Romania, Serbia, the Czech Republic and Austria. My busy time in active lawyers' activities (focusing on hunting law) does not allow me to expand to a wider environment yet, but over time I plan to expand the portfolio of destinations to include non-European countries.

Of course, I try to attract potential hunters with the lowest shooting fees and the most favourable price of accompanying fees. I continuously monitor the hunting tourism market and personally check most of the interesting offers according to my time possibilities. Those offers that meet my strict criteria (in addition to the sufficient conservation of the grounds and the quality of the game population, I also consider the offers in terms of the possibility of providing suitable accommodation, catering, convenient transport in the district). As regards the price of the hunts, I note that the price is not a criterion which should be the only and decisive in terms of the choice of hunting action for those interested in services of this kind. Quality is also paid for in this sector, and market developments show that there is an increasing interest in exclusive hunting.

My partners are dozens of hunting associations, state-owned enterprises or joint-stock companies (state and military forests) as well as private users of hunting grounds, pheasantries or game enclosures. Thanks to the economic crisis, which has deprived hunting grounds users of a significant proportion of the financially strong hunting clientele from Western Europe, in particular Germany, Austria and Spain, the hunts are also becoming available to middle-class hunters.

I decided to provide services of this kind after years of providing hunting for myself, friends and acquaintances. My advantage is that I was led to hunting since early childhood, and as a young man, thanks to my grandfather, I had been to many hunts that other long-time hunters had never even dreamt of. I am now using my experience and contacts in business for the benefit of my clients and business partners. First and foremost in my understanding is the professionalism, correctness of the conduct, confidentiality and thus the satisfaction of the hunting guest.

Concerning the fee hunting as such, I would like to quote my friend, who has long ago stated that "the cheapest hunt is the one you pay for". After a moment of reflection on this quote and realizing what we have already given or done for the possibility of participating in the hunting you come to the conclusion that its author was absolutely right.



HUNTER NH, s.r.o. a JÄGER NH, s.r.o.

JUDr. Norbert Horváth, Managing Director

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