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Organization and mediation of hunts


Price list of a bear hunt (Romania):

Time of the hunt:

  • March 15 – May 15

  • September 1 – December 31

  • Ideal time regarding the frequency of bear visits at the bait place as well as the quality of the fur, is April or October to November)

BearsMethod of hunting:

  • Still hunt – roofed high seats


Price list of the shooting (Leather – according to the CIC-points):

up to 350 - EUR 5,000

350 - 400 - EUR 7,000

over 400 - EUR 7,000 + EUR 60/CIC (Possibility to agree the highest price)

Shot: EUR 1.500

Wrong shot: EUR 300

  • Note that for an individual hunt, only bear hunting with a skin point value above 350 CIC can be booked.

Combination with wolf hunting (EUR 1,500) is possible


!!! Quite often I receive offers that are cheaper than the standard price list, so I recommend you to visit the current offer, section, where I continuously place these options.



  • according to the demands of the hunting guest (from EUR 25/ night)

Accompanying fees:

  • organizational fee - EUR 150 / hunter / day (this fee includes the transportation fee in the hunting grounds and accompanist, regardless of mileage, as well as the personal presence of our representative from the arrival of the hunting guest to his departure, including the interpreter service )

  • importation of the trophy to the hunting guest's residence (if the hunting guest does not import the trophy himself) - EUR 100 / piece,

  • fee for CITES and veterinary certification fee – EUR 150

  • fee for skin removal, removal of membranes and salinisation and boiling and whitening of the skull – EUR 100

  • fee for issuing the hunting license (including statutory insurance) - EUR 100 / person.


  • according to the agreement (depending on the planned value of hunting), about 50% of the agreed fee for shooting

  • maturity according to the agreement (usually within 60 days before the agreed hunting date)

Cancellation fees:

  • by agreement, usually more than 30 days prior to the agreed hunting date, 25% of the total charge, i. e. 50% of the deposit amount, 30 days or less before the agreed hunting date 50% of the shooting fee, i. e. full deposit amount.


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