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Organization and mediation of hunts

Pheasants - pheasantry (Slovakia)

Price list of the pheasant hunt in a pheasantry (Slovakia):


Pheasants - pheasantry (Slovakia)Time of the hunting:

  • October - February


Method of hunting:

  • battue – shooters are positioned on the shooting stands (4-8 drives)

  • number of shooters: 8-12

  • shooting stands are decided by drawing lots – the shooting guest has a different shooting stand for each drive


Pheasants - pheasantry (Slovakia)Price list of the shooting (flat price regardless of the number of the pheasants caught by particular guests):

  • depending on the time of the hunt (the price for a caught and sought out pheasant in the hunting bag):


  • October – EUR 12,00 /caught pheasant

  • November – EUR 12,75 / caught pheasant

  • December – EUR 13,50 / caught pheasant

  • January – EUR 14,25 / caught pheasant

  • February – EUR 15,00 / caught pheasant


  • The price includes:

  • The prize includes game of half the total number of pheasants caught by the hunting group,

  • refreshment during the hunt (breakfast in hunting house, lunch in the hunting ground, dinner after hunting with live gypsy music)

  • Transportation in the grounds


!!! Quite often I receive offers that are cheaper than the standard price list, so I recommend you to visit the current offer, section, where I continuously place these options.


Pheasants - pheasantry (Slovakia)Deposit:

  • by agreement (depending on the planned hunting value), about 50% of the agreed shooting fee

  • maturity according to the agreement (usually within 60 days before the agreed hunting date)


Cancellation fees:

  • by agreement, usually more than 30 days prior to the agreed hunting date, 25% of the shooting fee, i. e. 50% of the deposit amount, 30 days or less before the agreed hunting date 50% of the shooting fee, i. e. full deposit amount.

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